Bunnytown Games

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What are Bunnytown Games?

Bunnytown Games might be a throwback category of Disney Junior Games online, but even newcomers to it, and younger kids who did not see this show on TV back in 2007, when it originally aired, are certainly going to be delighted and charmed by the fun, easy, and kid-friendly games that it has to offer, which we are happy to say we've preserved, so if you thought they were lost to time thanks to the death of flash, well, here we've got them, emulated, available directly from your computer's browsers, all free and unblocked!

Play Bunnytown Games online for the whole family!

As the title suggests, this show is set in a town where bunnies live, who act and behave similarly to humans, which is why they have houses, cars, they go to work, they cook food, meet with one another, make friendships, and try their best to habitate together!

The show's episodes are divided into multiple segments, such as the one where they pose a problem to be solved, the comedy gag show with Red and Fred, a superhero series called The Adventures of Super-Bunny, they sing together with various characters the iconic song known as The Bunnytown Hop, or they work out their physical attributes in Super Silly Sports.

The show is a mixed show with puppets controlled by human puppeteers, with the bunnies being everything and anything, such as astronauts, pirates, kings and queens, farmers, and even dinosaurs. The episodes are both educational and really silly and funny at the same time, and there are live-action actors also joining in to help the bunnies in their adventures.

As for the games with Bunnytown online that you can find here, know that they are quite diverse, just like the show, as you are able to do things like eat carrots, which is their favorite food, take a bubble bath with them to keep them clean, sing songs as well as dance to them, work at an ice cream parlor to serve the heated customers, or hop onto the art studio to paint, decorate, and use your creativity and imagination to its fullest.

We're very happy that we can grant you the chance to play all these simple and fun Bunnytown Games online, which we hope you will start doing right now, and don't keep all this fun to yourselves, as you should be sharing this category with as many of your friends as possible too!

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