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What are Ariel Games?

There are few Disney Princesses as iconic and timeless as Ariel from The Little Mermaid seems to be, considering that this character's origins can be traced way back to a Danish fairy tale from 1837, but it is the 1989 animated movie from Disney that catapulted the story into one of the most popular ones ever told, and we think it will achieve even greater heights in 2023, where a live-action adaptation with the same name will be released, starring Halle Bailey as the beloved mermaid-turned-human. Until then, you can enjoy yourself by playing our Ariel Games online for girls, of which we've gathered the best over the years!

The Little Mermaid: a timeless classic!

Ariel lives as a mermaid princess of the sea, being the daughter of Triton, the overprotective king of the seas who does not trust humans, and considering his vast life experience, that should not be surprising. Well, Ariel is not like that, as she is actually fascinated by humans in general, and wishes to go above the water and live with them.

This need in her life grows even bigger after she falls in love with Prince Eric, who also falls in love with her in turn after she saves his life from drowning. The evil witch of the water called Ursula makes a deal with Ariel to turn her into a human, but she loses her ability to speak thanks to this transformation.

After many trials and tribulations between humans and sea people, the witch, and the king, and even between Ariel and other human girls who want to grab Eric for themselves, the two eventually get married on a boat and sail away, watched by all their friends from both realms! A happy ending, indeed!

Dive into the bottomless world of Ariel Games online for free!

Of course, we will first invite you to play Ariel Dress Up Games, which seem to be the most popular ones, as the red-haired princess might already be stylish, but she might not know so much about human fashion, which is why you will be of great help to her. Of course, some make-up won't hurt either, maybe you will give her a new hairstyle, or go to the spa together. In many of these games she is joined by her other Disney pals as well, of course!

Play Ariel Kissing Eric Games too, as she and the prince are one of the internet's most beloved couples, or maybe just skip that entirely and plan their wedding. In some games she is a mermaid, in some, she is a human, adult, or even a baby, but in many of them she might be hurt, so be her doctor and treat her, or after the big day of her and Eric, when she is pregnant, help her bring their baby into the world!

The Little Mermaid Games are always going to be in style, just like this mermaid princess, so we hope you check this page out as often as possible, you will always discover something new and amazing!