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What are Ariel Games? launches new Ariel games, in which, the principal character is one of the Disney princess, Ariel, also called the Little Mermaid. Ariel is the fourth princess Disney arising who played in the 28-th movie made by Disney, called The little mermaid. Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and queen Athena, kingdom masters of Atlantic Ocean. We recognized Ariel after her long and red hair, blue eyes, tail green and brassiere made of clam purple color. She is different from the rest princesses because she is a rebel and she wishes to make part of the people`s world. Because she wanted so much to be a human, she`s sticking out at the ocean surface to meet people and in that way she meets prince Eric. Ariel has saved Eric from shipwreck that they fell in love each other, later having a daughter together. As a result of their love was born princess Melody. Ariel is the only princess Disney which has become a mother. Our siren has been created based on the character's story Hans Christian Andersen, a story called The little mermaid, but this character has undergone changes to appear in the cinema world. Manufacturers have changed the story of Handersen because his story was tragic in which, the siren ended transformed in meerschaum. Continuing the movie The little mermaid, Ariel also played in the movie The little mermaid: Return to the sea, in which, Ariel becomes secondary character, and her daughter Melody main character. In the story by Ariel, it still has six elder sisters, and she is always seen with Flounder, a fish which is the best friend of her. Sebastian, is a crab which many times accompanies Ariel, but which receives order from her father to protect her. The Princess, was always in search for human artifact found on the ocean bottom and thus all in a secret cave where, Scuttle, a seagull likable told Ariel what kind of artifacts they are. Being a rebel was not listening to her father and she was going to explore ocean alone, and for this reason always appeared conflicts between the characters. King Triton was very protective of his daughter due to the fact that in the ocean were also evil creature who wanted to hurt them at any price. One of those creature is Ursula, the ocean`s witch who is a very bad and dangerous creature which does not miss any moment in which may cause injury to Ariel. Even if it was exceedingly naughty and very rebellious, Ariel was good with those around her and always help everyone who needed help. When she fell in love with Eric, she has made a pact with Ursula which lies in the fact that happen to turn it Ariel in a human to can marry the prince. Ariel have three days to make Eric to marry her, and to give her the true love kiss, otherwise it would be lost forever her voice and it would belonged to Ursula. Behind this aid, Usula was planning to steal the magic wand from King Triton, but Ariel did not take account of this. When she was on the way to meet the requirements of Ursula so that she might become a human, the witch has appealed to all sorts of tricks to stop her.She transformed himself into a beautiful woman named Vannessa and charmed the prince Eric to make her his wife, but Scuttle arrive in time to tell Ariel what is happening, and Ariel managed to stop the wedding on time. Even so, Eric has not give the kiss to Ariel, and once the sun had set, Ursula taked Ariel back in the ocean. There is a fight between Triton and Ursula because she wants to steal the magic wand. In the event, Ursula wanted to kill Ariel, but Eric manages to kill Ursula. In the end, Ariel is converted into a human by the magic wand of his father and she finally was married Eric. In the next film, in which she has a daughter, Ariel, comes back in the ocean, and her daughter falling in love with the water. For this reason, Melody asks to Morgana, Ursula`s sister to turn her into a siren, but for that she have to give to exchange the magic wand of King Triton. Hearing all this, the king turns Ariel back into a siren for seeking Melody. Ariel find her daughter even at the moment when this was giving the magic wand to Morgana. When Melody saw that Morgana use the magic wand for manipulated everybody she decided to stoll the wand back and to give it to King Triton. Once recovered the magic wand, King Triton turns Morgana into a block of ice and sends it on the ocean bottom. Before that all these may happen, in the movie The little mermaid: Ariel's beginning, we meet the Ariel at the age of 5 years old, together with her family. But one day, a ship of pirates has shattered the silence in the, because Athena was murdered, after this tragic moment the king banned the music in the palace. When the pirates had come they all have fled but Athena returned after a music box which received from the merman, and it that moment she has been murdered, so mermaids have lived forgetting what music means. One day, Ariel finds the music box thrown on the bottom and decide to return it to her father, but Marine, her father's governess was opposed to this and the two start a fight. After fight, Ariel was injured but managed to return the music box to her father and for that the music was allowed again in the palace. As a result of these exceptional occurrences, Ariel has become an idol for the little girls from all over the world, and now Ariel, together with the rest Disney princesses appears in different advertisements being the image of many products intended for children. In Ariel games, you will meet Ariel in different circumstances, in which you will need to arrange her hair, and to go her to the dentist, to choose the perfect dress for her and you also will have to help Ariel to give birth. Our new Ariel games, we hope to amaze you and to take you in the fascinating world that Ariel lives. If you want us to publish more Ariel games that we don`t have just let us a message and tell us what game you want, and we'll to the best to publish the game immediately.