From Mermaid to Popular Girl Makeover

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What is From Mermaid to Popular Girl Makeover?

From Mermaid to Popular Girl Makeover

From Mermaid to Popular Girl Makeover is a game inspired by the interesting and lovely story of Ariel from the Disney Princesses world, with this mermaid girl wanting to be a popular human girl, something that we invite you all to help her out with through this multiple-part makeover game for girls!

Let's transform the mermaid into a popular girl using the power of makeovers!

In the first stage, you will use napkins to dry her up, since she just came from the sea, use the trash can to get rid of sea junk stuck on her body, use the fork button to dry her hair, and with the final button you will transform her into a human, changing her tail into legs. Skincare follows, where you will wash the face, make the skin shine, use a clay mask to make pores smaller, use oil, and a final face mask.

Now that the skin on the girl's face has been treated and cleared up, doing its makeup follows, where you can use contact lenses, lipstick, eye-shadow, change the eyelashes, the eyebrows, and don't forget about the blush. Complete the makeover by dressing up the mermaid-turned-girl, where you use hairstyles, tops, and bottoms, as well as plenty of accessories, such as glasses or purses.

Now that you can easily see how fun all this game gives you, start it right away, have the best time possible and make sure to tell your friends to come over for some fun as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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