Princess Nail Salon

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What is Princess Nail Salon?

Princess Nail Salon

When it comes to the wide range of games for girls on the internet, manicure games sometimes tend to feel a little bit left out, but we're very happy whenever we've got awesome ones to share with you here for free, just like it happens right now, when the game in question is called Princess Nail Salon, and since you are painting the nails of Disney Princesses you will have even more fun than with regular nail salon games!

How to paint the nails of your favorite princesses from Disney:

Don't worry, you needn't be a manicure expert in real life to use cosmetics in this game, because you are given instructions on how to apply all the products correctly, and we're sure that all of the designs are going to impress! One of the first things you need to know that not all the nails need to look exactly the same, as you have the power of customizing each of them in part, so you can have ten different designs if you wish.

You will be able to add various patterns, such as hearts, flowers, lightning bolts, geometrical shapes, and many more, and then you pick the colors that you want to paint them in, and you should not forget about glitter either! Play around with the nail polish and the other tools at your disposal, and we're sure that each princess will really love how their nails look by the end of the game!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.