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What are Manicure Games?

Manicure Games is a very important thing for any girl or woman, which is why we thought of offering you a wide range of games in which you will have to practice this job as a manicurist in the various beauty salons where you will work. For a start, you will have to learn very well the tools that a professional manicurist works with so that you can start with the first client and we invite you to learn how works these tools to be a perfect manicurist.

  •     Manicure and pedicure kit: in this portable kit you will have: scissors, nails, tweezers, file, cuticle tool, spatula, pointers, as well as other tools of different shapes and types that will help you practice this profession.
  •     Nail polishes: semi-permanent, permanent, consisting of base and color.
  •     UV gels that you will have to use to create different forms of a gel manicure.
  •     Nail polishes: which are both transparent and colored; the colors vary from the most classic to the different pastel shades.
  •     Acrylic - porcelain powders: with the help of acrylic powder you will be able to build porcelain nail shapes that you can later apply with nail polish.
  •     Nail Painting: nail painting is done with certain special tools that allow you to draw and color different shapes on clients' nails.
  •     False nails
After you get acquainted with the different procedures for creating manicures, you will start working on real girls who come to the salon. In addition to the classic salons, you will be able to enter the salons of the Disney Princesses who are eager to do their manicure and pedicure. Some larger salons allow you to do several operations with a single client, which is why you will have to be versatile, namely to be able to do a manicure, then go together to the hair salon, and after the cutter is ready you will you have to go to the make-up salon where you can use the different powders and make-up to beautify your clients.