Nail Salon 3D

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What is Nail Salon 3D?

Nail Salon 3D

It's not daily that on our website you can find and play manicure games online in 3D, but when you do, we make sure that we have brought you only the cream of the crop, which is the reason why right at this moment you're invited to enjoy the game called Nail Salon 3D online, where the art of painting nails is taken to its heights, and it is a ton of fun from top to bottom, guaranteed!

Play Nail Salon 3D for the best new manicure experience online!

You will do things such as paint the nails, cut the nails, decorate them with patterns or even objects, such as jewelry, and many other things, with you being given one new task every day you play the game. They might get more difficult, but they also get more fun, and the money you earn in return also grows in size.

Try to see how big you can make your nail salon, how many satisfied customers you can have going in and out of it, and how much fun it all is right now by hitting the play button straight away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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