Run 3

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What is Run 3 ?

Run 3

Run 3 is a mind-blowing game, which will definitely change your perspective about the time and especially about the space so let's get to the work right now in this cool and so incredible adventure, and run with your amazing player in this awesome running task, trying to reach the furthest point possible, without getting fallen down in the endless space around us, in the emptiness of the Universe.

Make sure that you will successfully jump over the holes to the black zones of the Universe and for this, you have to either jump over them with the up arrow key or getting on the other side, switching the ceiling with the floor, using the directions keys in order to make this switch simply as you want, in any direction. Go for it right now and there are many levels and the limits between them will be overcome only by your insight and consistency so let's make it happen right now.

Use the left key, for example, and you will go left in this squared or circled tube full of holes and you will go left and the whole tube will turn the side you've stepped in your floor, not a lateral wall anymore so everything is about you and depending on you and the choices you will make!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys

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