ASMR Nail Treatment

ASMR Nail Treatment

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ASMR Nail Treatment
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ASMR Nail Treatment Overview


An ASMR Nail Treatment is what you are going to be able to make right now and here in what is certainly going to become one of the best new manicure games online for girls you can find and play here since you will not only learn more about nails and become creative, but you will also hear ASMR sounds that will make you be more relaxed and happy, something we're going to show you more about right now, as we've already done the treatment ourselves!

Do an ASMR Nail Treatment online!

Your client came to your clinic with some really bad nails, as they are ingrown, so you will start off in the first stage of this game by healing them up. To do that you need to cut them down, to clean them of mucus and other infection-related puss, you will add special healing lotions and creams, and even replace a missing fingernail that cut down completely. Cuticles are also a problem to solve.

After doctoring the nails properly, the pampering of the nails comes next in the manicure stage, where you give them a new shape, you can paint them in any color you want, add interesting and dynamic patterns, and you can even decorate them with jewels, diamonds, or cute stickers.

Of course, the model you have been healing and manicuring here can also be dressed up by you in this game, as a girl needs more than great nails, so mix and match the clothes, shoes, hairstyles, and accessories until you have created a perfect new look for her!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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