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What are Doctor Games?

We know how hard it is to stay safe and even healthy all the time, and our little cartoon characters have the same problems because dear boys and girls you can often find while scrolling through different games in they have a lot of health issues, dental problems, skin problems and so we need a doctor all the times present here on our website to take really good care of them and make sure that they can return as fast as possible with new exciting challenges.

Sure, most of the Doctor games from this new 2020 category will be for girls because they have girly characters like Disney princesses, little cute animals, and even the skincare games in which the girls will have to go to the spa, but we are sure that all the boys that want to learn how to become doctors can start and learn a lot of thins while playing our new games here on our website because they can be played anywhere you have an internet connection, and that means that you can try them even on your phones and tablets for free.

In hospitals

For sure most of the little girls playing on our website had at least once played doctor with their dolls at home, so today dear girls you can see that you can take it to the next level and actually practice medicine through our very realistic games. Starting from today, all the girls and boys from our website can start going inside hospitals, wearing clothes, looking like a real docs, and start to diagnose their patients as best as they can in order to start taking really good care of their diseases and make them healthy once more.

Most of these games that we have here on our website are interactive, so the main control that you will have to use in each and every one of these challenges is the MOUSE or if you are playing on your phones and tablets, you can just use the fingers as you would do with the mouse, and you can see how much fun you can have playing doctor.

There are going to be plenty of interesting cases throughout this category, so we are sure that each and every one of the girls that are coming here on our website can find a special game with one of their favorite characters in which you can have fun and feel like a real doctor until you grow up and start to study medicine.

Inside this category, you dear kids can meet with most of the Disney princesses like - Ariel the Little Mermaid, Moana the exotic princess, the Frozen 2 movie sisters Anna and Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Merida from Brave, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine from Aladdin, Mulan or Pocahontas and even other Disney characters like Miraculous Ladybug, Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse or Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph.

There are a lot of other patients that you are going to meet with, and being very clumsy and not thinking before they do anything, the Minions will be appearing very often in your ER which stands for Emergency Room, where people with injuries that occur fast and they are very painful to come to the hospital to get treated by a doctor, feel better and go home healthy.

Different kinds of doctors in the world

For all of those that know already which types of games we have prepared for you, it's not going to be a shock that there are different types of problems, diseases, and injuries that a person can sustain, so dear kids we are going to start with the physical injuries like broken bones, scars, headaches which we all call emergencies.

Inside these types of games, you dear kids can see that there are a lot of infections going on, different types of lacerations which can be from small scratches, and large scratches to big and deep cuts on the skin. Burns that can destroy tissue forever so you have to act quickly in every case, bruises which hurt a lot, blood clots, and even minor surgeries that you will have to perform with a team of doctors and nurses, but you will be the ones that will perform the surgeries using the MOUSE and following the guides that we assure you, are going to be very close to reality.

You will manage to find a lot of pregnant emergencies, and so inside these types of games in which you will find pregnant girls or princesses, you will have to act fast and help the new moms to feel better for their sake and for their babies. You will see that there are games in which the moms will just come into your office at the clinic for a baby check-up or a pregnant check-up as you will find it quite often named in this category, or they really have an emergency and they are not feeling well, so they need to be rushed to the hospital and deliver the baby.

One of the most dangerous injuries that you can have is at the head, so the Head or Brain doctor games will be very interesting, because dear kids in most of them, you will have the chance to cut open ahead and see a real brain, which will be amazing doing for the first time, and once you get the hang of it and start to become a better and better doctor, the cases will be even more difficult and you can show all the boys and girls on our website that you can become a very good doctor once you grow up.

Specific doctor aids

Now that you have understood all about the types of doctors and types of medicine that you can find in our games, it's time to be more specific and start to talk about real cases and what you will have to do in each one of them in order to learn how to be a good doctor, keep your patients healthy and get them back home as fast as possible outside the hospital.

Skin Doctors are very important, because most teenagers have a lot of problems with their skin, and so they need a specialist to tell them how to take really good care of their skin. These can turn into real spa treatments or spa games, but they are very serious, because you will see that the patient can come into your office with a lot of cuts, bruises, broken skin, irritated skin, and even infected skin, which case you will have to work hard and make sure that you will manage to remove the infection using special cremes, treatments, and clippers that will help you to eliminate all the little blisters on the skin, the redness of the skin and see how you can continue with the moisturizing cremes that will make the hand skin, face skin or the back skin soft again.

The tongue doctors will be another important series of games here on our website, and you can see that it's very important to act fast when you find one of these types of games because dear kids are very painful. The patient that has a tongue infection is not feeling well at all, because they will have a swollen tongue filled with infection, puss, and blisters, so they cannot eat at all. You will have to clear the infection with medicine, remove the blisters with special tools and make sure that your treatments will manage to keep the infection under control, and see how you can make it so it will never return.

Dentists are doctors as well, so you can find a very special section of dentist games here on our website, in which you can see that the little characters from our website need your help to start taking really good care of little kids or even grownups' teeth. There are going to be special tools with which you can drill holes in teeth, implant teeth, and take out rotten or dead teeth from your patients' mouths. Have fun!