Hospital Electrician Emergency

Hospital Electrician Emergency

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Hospital Electrician Emergency
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Hospital Electrician Emergency Overview


When you work as an electrician, there is always the chance of having to go to the hospital as an emergency situation, which is what happened to the poor soul from this game, but that should not be a problem, since you are here to help by playing the role of doctor, and even stylist, with this game having lots of fun elements for you to enjoy, and we will now explain the format, so you can give your best from the get-go!

Let's solve the Hospital Electrician Emergency online!

Start off by using the bat to save the man's life, after which you call 911 so that he can be transported to the hospital. Before treatment, fix the electrical box, so no more problems happen, doing so by cleaning it, replacing wires, and then putting the system back to work.

At the hospital, follow the instructions you receive for the two middle stages to properly treat him for the burns, and the electrical charge, and after bringing him back to safety and health, dress him up in a new outfit, and a better one, so that he can continue his life's work, now with no more medical problems, we hope!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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