FNAF: Night at the Dentist

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What is FNAF: Night at the Dentist?

FNAF: Night at the Dentist

FNAF: Night at the Dentist is a different kind of game from what you are used to with the horror games of Five Nights at Freddy's, with our team now being delighted that this also doubles down as one of the best new dentist games online for kids you can find and play here, and we're highly positive you won't regret even one moment if you try it out right now!

Spend a Night at the Dentist with FNAF!

Freddy tripped and fell on a trap electrical wire, which destroyed his cavity, and even if he is an animatronic, he still wants his teeth to be in top shape, so you will now play the role of dentist to help him with all of that, something we will now explain how to do, and we're sure you will do amazing!

Use the tools given to you in each of the three stages of this operation to fix the teeth, clean up the mouth, and repair any other kinds of problems that the toy has, simply by following instructions and clicking where you are shown.

We're sure you've understood it, so you should now be ready to give your best, after which we're inviting you to play even more of our great games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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