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Crossy Chicken

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Crossy Chicken
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Crossy Chicken Overview


You know what they say: look both ways before you cross the street. In Crossy Road’s case, you’re crossing what seems to be the most dangerous road, train track, and river in existence. When you first start Crossy Road, one of the most popular games from Poki, you will start as a chicken looking to make a new life on whatever is on the other side of every murderous obstacle in your path.

You Don’t Have Time To Be Slow

This isn’t your father’s Frogger game. Crossy Road doesn’t let you run back to the safety of the sidewalk when you’re not liking your crossing odds. If you take too long to make a decision, then a decision will be made for you in the form of a predatory bird coming down to take you away.

You Can Move Left Or Right

Much like other games involving a poor defenseless animal crossing the street, you can move in multiple directions. If you don’t like what you see in your way, you don’t always have to move forward right away. Moving left or right can give you the extra split-second decision you need to avoid a train, waiting for a log in the river, or avoiding a car in the road.

Collecting Coins

To make Crossy Road more interesting is the fact that you can collect more coins as you cross the different lanes.

Tips For Playing Crossy Road

●    Plan two moves ahead: Sure, it’s easy to look one lane ahead and find an opening. However, that doesn’t mean that opening will be there forever. Eventually, something’s going to come along to pressure you forward.
●    Coins aren’t that important. Yes, getting coins is helpful, but don’t make moves riskier than it should be just to get a single coin. You don’t want to compromise your round for a coin.
●    Don’t be afraid to back up: If you don’t like what you see, you have a second to move back and reassess. Don’t stay there too long. You don’t want to get snatched up by the big bird.

Crossy Road is a great game and will keep you occupied for hours. Just don’t try any of this in real life outside the game!

How to play?

Use WASD and space, the mouse, or touch controls.

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