Money Land

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What is Money Land?

Money Land

Only in Money Land online does money grow on trees, well, not exactly, but it is laid out on the street ready for the taking, which is the premise for one of the newest stickman running games in 3D, as you will need to move and run a lot if you were to get that cash, which, is kind of a metaphor for money in real life as well, so we think the inspiration is quite adequate. Let's see how you can rule this land, no?

Create your own Money Land online!

Hold the mouse and drag it to move your character around, a blue stickman, collect money from the floor, and then put it on facilities and buildings, such as a trash bin, an ice cream truck, or even an office building.

If you gather enough money to buy that propriety, it will start making money for you, so you can go next to it and collect even more from those spots, using them to buy and unlock other proprieties.

The more you play, the bigger and more expensive the buildings you acquire get, so you need to run around even more, and always be collecting new wads of cash.

As the land grows, the population also rises, and those people will pay rent to you, so you will make even more passive income. Well, it's not that passive, as you still need to go and collect it.

Surely you understood the premise and gameplay, so start hustling right now, have the best time possible, and don't hesitate to invite your friends around for all this fun as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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