Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree

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Idle Money Tree
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Idle Money Tree Overview


Play Idle Money Tree and see if money really falls from trees if you don't do anything! Well, there's a catch, and that is that this is virtual game money that you can't really use in real life, but if you like idle clicker games, more than the virtual coins you will be rewarded with a fun time of leisure!

Shake the idle money tree and get rich!

Around the tree, there will be many money bags that appear, and you have to click on them to shake the tree and get the coins falling from them. The more money you get, the more you can get multipliers, and earn even more so.

What you should definitely be doing is leveling up the tree, the sun, the water, and other upgrades when you have the money for them, because that will make your money bags bigger, and you will earn more for your clicks.

Good luck, we wish you all the best earning this virtual money, and see what many other great idle games we've recently brought here, since the genre is only getting bigger and better, just like your virtual wallet!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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