Crowd Enhance

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What is Crowd Enhance?

Crowd Enhance

Crowd Enhance has now been added because we know from past experiences that hypercasual runner games in 3D with stickmen that fight one another to gain more troops and beat the other ones are already a classic, and they never miss the point, which is why we are now delighted to share the game with you, and after we teach you to play it, you should be ready to give it your best!

Crowd Enhance and win the stickman war!

Use the mouse or finger to move your stickman around the corner, where you should go through the blue gates to increase the number of soldiers you have, or simply make your weapons more powerful, and, as you do it, give your best to defeat the red stickmen, no matter their numbers or power.

Defeat the enemies along the way until you reach the end of a course and safely cross the finish line while avoiding the red gates that make you weaker, or the traps that you will also encounter, which also do the same. Each new level gets more difficult than the other, but also more fun, we promise, so start right now, and stick around for more fun to come as only here is possible!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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