Stickmen Crowd Fight

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What is Stickmen Crowd Fight?

Stickmen Crowd Fight

When it comes to mobile-friendly hypercasual stickmen games with running and fighting, the best place to find such games is always going to be our website, we promise, which is why right at this moment we have shared with you Stickmen Crowd Fight, about which we will tell you more right now, so you can start having fun with it right away!

Let's win the Stickmen Crowd Fight online!

The way to win fights in this game is always through having a bigger number, so make sure to move your stickmen through the gates with multipliers or additions that are as high as possible, always picking the one that increases your crowd the most, and if you have a bigger number than the monsters or traps along the way, you will destroy them.

Of course, you lose the same number of stickmen. Avoid the bad gates that divide or cut down your forces, because you need to have enough of them to defeat the monster or enemies at the end of the road. Along the way, there are also traps that are meant to cut you down, and some you cannot avoid, so make sure to replenish the lost number of forces every time.

You also get to go through multipliers at the end of the roads, so the more stickmen you have, the better results. Let's start now, and maybe you stick around for more of our amazing content yet to come!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.