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What are Stickman Games?

Stickman is a fictional character who appears especially in action games, shooting, or even adventure. Stickman games are often a fairly simplistic graphics, just like the Stickman character himself, but the gameplay of the games is quite complex, in which you will have to evolve as a character, to collect points to benefit from all sorts of bonuses or even collect keys to unlock closed doors.

Stickman is a malignant character, created only from sticks, and games made with this character are often for boys because you will have to shoot, run, kill or even coordinate different military armies that start a war. true.

Stickman Shooting Games

Probably the most popular games with this character are shooting, because in shooting games the action reaches maximum levels, and Stickman will always have to be on guard, shoot as many enemies as possible and also build a complex strategy to get through it all. difficulty levels of the game. In this subcategory, we find the games Stickman Maverick: Bad Boys Killer, Stickman Sniper Tap to Kill in which you will have to take a sniper and aim at the window to shoot all the enemies.

Stickman Adventure Games

In the adventure games with Stickman, we will encounter many traps that we will have to avoid or objects that we will have to collect in order to pass from one level to another. In terms of adventure, the most popular games with Stickman are the VEX game series, and the last game in this series is VEX V.