Hookman Epic Flight

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Hookman Epic Flight
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What is Hookman Epic Flight?

Hookman Epic Flight

Hookman Epic Flight is the newest stickman hook flying game online for computers and mobile devices we invite you to play free of charge on our website right now since we know firsthand how much of an amazing time it can be to play it, as well as previous similar games in this genre, so we will now teach you what it's all about, so even newcomers can give their best at it!

Let's start the Hookman Epic Flight online!

Hold the mouse or touch controls to extend your hook towards the points in the air and grab onto them, releasing the buttons when you want to release the hook and fly forward. Using this movement as well as the bouncy platforms you have to always fly forward, until you reach and cross the finish line.

At first, it's just these elements, but various new obstacles get added one after another, so find a way past them, because if you fall down completely, or get stuck into them, or killed by them, such as with spikes, you lose and have to restart the said level.

From the shop you can acquire new skins for your stickman, making flying even more fun. Good luck, begin now, and don't hesitate to invite as many of your friends to play this also!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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