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Short Ride

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Short Ride
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Short Ride Overview


Short Ride can definitely be called a friv game, an action-adventure game, a racing game, an obstacle course one, or even a game with death traps, but one thing that you can definitely bet is that it's one hell of a good time, as it offers the perfect combination between funny and horrific, all in a cartoony package that we absolutely love, and you will too!

Get ready to go on a Short Ride, and have a long bloody good time!

The controls you use is the first part of the basics that we need to introduce you to, and they are easy, as you use the arrow keys for movement, and the spacebar for action, which can mean something different depending on the situation and place you find yourself at any given time.

The game is structured into 20 Levels, each one with a difficulty that is bigger than the one before it, and the hardships of these stages are measured by the number of death traps you find along the way, as well as their intensity and danger level.

There can be blades, seesaws, axes, electric fences and wires, trampolines, dinosaur heads that have huge spiky teeth that eat you up, spikes in the ground, really steep stairs, huge rock boulders, ramps or platforms to jump on, and many more things obstructing your path during your bicycle ride.

Of course, these are not your normal obstacles, because if you do not really care about how to get past them, your hero usually gets mauled, cut, loses his limbs, his face, and lots more damage is done to him. If he gets hurt too much and can't continue, you lose.

Of course, you can still go on as long as there's still the smallest power left in him to do so, and if you can cross the finish line of a level even in a bad shape, kudos to you!

You can be the master of your own rides, and create your own universe!

Don't falter if you lose a lot of times, but try to see the funny in how this virtual character gets battered up level after level! If that is not enough for you, there's a Level Editor mode, where you can create your own route and stage, using your imagination to bring it to life, as well as the items available in the menu: shapes, stairs, balls, boxes, stars, some of the aforementioned dangers, as well as vehicles, with you having pogo sticks, hoverboards, and shopping carts available to you.

The main hero you control looks like your run-of-the-mill hipster with an undercut and beard, untucked shirt over a white tee, and really big bags under his eyes from working himself too much, but with the money you earn from completing levels you can unlock new designs of people, each with their own unique characteristics, but all with the same sad face.

Let the deadly adventure begin right away, try to survive its many horrors, and make sure to try out some similar games to this one when done here!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys to play.

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