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What are Bicycle Games?

To ride a bike is one of the most important events in the life of a child, but many of them already learn how to do it virtually before they even touch a real-life bicycle, and you can’t blame them, considering how many amazing Bicycle Games online are out there, with the best of them now being found on our website, since this category has been worked on for years, so it only contains the cream of the crop when it comes to this genre!
Now, it is quite obvious that riding a real bike and a virtual one is not the same, so we will now give you more details on how these games with bicycles online are played, and after you learn more about their gameplay and the many things you can do in them to have fun, we’re positive you will start enjoying them immediately after!

How to play bicycles games online

Just like with car games or motorcycle games, it is usually the set of arrow keys on the keyboard that you need to use to control your vehicle, in this case, a bike, using the keys to accelerate, to brake, or to balance the bike so that you don’t fall.
Of course, the most basic kind of game you can find in this category is one where you ride a bicycle through various courses, some in the city, some off-road, where you try to reach the finish lines without crashing or falling, and making times as good as possible.
In many of the games you get to buy all sorts of new bikes to play with, as well as customize your own further and make it either look cooler or work better, things you usually do use the mouse.

Bicycle Racing Games

Of course, what boys are very interested in doing when they are riding bikes together is to race one another and see who is faster, which is what they will be able to do by playing games with bicycles online as well, as there are plenty of racing games with bikes where you have to out-ride the other bikes on the course, and maybe even win tournaments of various difficulties.

Bicycle Stunts Games

Almost anything with wheels can be used to do tricks, flips, and various stunts, which is also true for bicycles, with many people doing that, but in case you don’t want to get hurt, playing bicycle games with stunts online is the best way to go. Jump on one wheel, do wheelies, ride on-ramps, and see how far you can go to the extreme! Among the most popular such entries in this series are BMX games, as these bikes are the preferred type for extreme sports fans.

Mountain Bike Games

Don’t be afraid of the rocky mountains, since you won’t get yourself hurt as long as you use the trusty mountain bikes from these games, with which you can explore and ride along the bumpy and tricky mountain terrains, doing your best to reach your destination safely and enjoy the view!


You can now drive the fastest and best virtual bicycles online, only with our content from the Bicycle Games category, so start having this experience right away, and see why so many people come to this category as often as they do!