Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing

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Riders Downhill Racing
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Riders Downhill Racing Overview


Riders Downhill Racing represents one of the best new bicycle games online 2 players you can find and play here, where you can ride, race, and have fun going on off-road tracks, as you get to handle mountain bikes, which increases the level of difficulty, but, also, the level of fun you're going to be having, and we've already experienced this, so we can now tell you what and how to do it!

Become the best Riders at Downhill Racing!

The three modes you can play this in are:

  1. Free Ride, where you just ride casually for the fun of it.
  2. Race, where you have to beat your opponent to the finish line.
  3. Career, where you get specific tasks, challenges, and races to complete and earn money in return.

In addition to bikes, in the garage, you can buy other vehicles for other kinds of off-road activities: ATVs, Motorbikes, and Boats.

Now, in case you want to know how to take control of these vehicles, here you go:

  • Player 1 drives with WASD, Q to jump, Z for parachute, shift for Nitro, Tab to switch vehicles, C for camera, R to reset.
  • Player 2 drives with the ARROWS, K to jump, P for parachute, M for nitro, Enter to switch vehicles, K for camera, L to reset.

Let the riding experience begin right now, since you must have gotten a hang of it already, and tell all your friends to do the very same right now!

How to play?

P1: WASD, Q, Z, shift, Tab, C, R.

P2: ARROWS, K, P, M, Enter, K, L.

Tips & Tricks

  • Change vehicles through the off-road courses, as you go from land to water or bumpy rocks.
  • Buy new vehicles or change your character in the garage with the money you've earned.
  • Do stunts and crazy tricks for that extra cash!

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