City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion

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City Bike Racing Champion
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City Bike Racing Champion Overview


A City Bike Racing Champion is what we hope to see the players on our website become right now, hence why we've added this game for you all from the beginning of the day, especially since all our previous bicycle games in 2 players have always been received with warm welcomes, especially if they are expansive, in 3d with awesome graphics, and they give you the awesome chance to do tricks and stunts like never before! The same goes for this one, with city locations providing that opportunity, about which we're going to tell you more about!

Become a City Bike Racing Champion online!

There are two main modes you can play this game in, but for both of them you can play by yourselves against the computer, or you can play in 2 players with another real person using the same device, computer, in which case here are the controls you need to know about:

  • Player 1 rides with WASD, Q to jump, R to respawn, C for camera, Z for parachute.
  • Player 2 rides with the ARROWS, J to jump, U to respawn, K for camera, and P for parachute.

As you win races and earn coins, go with them in the shop, from where you can customize all these things for your bicycle rider avatar:

  1. Vehicle
  2. Bag
  3. Glasses
  4. Costume
  5. Hat

In the racing mode, you've got ten levels to win, and in the free mode you have the same ten tracks, but with no racing involved, you are only riding them, so you might want to start off there to learn the ropes.

The tracks will be similar to games like Fall Guys, as there are hypercasual and out-of-this-world obstacles like rotating wheels, spinners, walls, and more. If you can pick up upgrades like the lighting bolt which gives you more speed, make sure to grab it and use it.

You are racing to be the first one to the finish line, of course, whether you are going against just bots, or another player has also joined the fun, but either way, make sure to begin right now, and set yourselves up for great wins!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Customize your bicycle riders with costumes, hats, and new models for the bikes.
  • Win races against the computer or against the second player!
  • Ride through the power-ups to gain speed and outrun the other riders!

How to play?

P1: WASD, Q, R, C, Z.

P2: ARROWS, J, U, K, P.

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