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JollyWorld Overview


Enter JollyWorld right now and here, which is a bike-riding game with a gory format, where your cartoonish character will be put through hellish courses where he can get dismembered, hurt, cut, shot, and much more, which is a format that has become quite popular in the last few years.

JollyWorld: a world of fun and gore!

The main character you are given as an avatar is Billy Joel, but you can pick others too, such as Jeroen, Brittany, Hank, Machote, and many more. Choose between the Single Player and Multiplayer modes, or enter the Create Levels menu, where you can create your own course, which you can then share with other players from the internet.

Ride using the Up arrow key, press the spacebar to turn to the opposite direction, and press Z to jump from the bike, something you will have to do to get past some obstacles and reach the finish line, which will be your main goal through each course.

Each course that you can choose from is made by real players, and they have all sorts of natural disasters, traps, and enemies such as zombies or robots put in your way, all to kill you.

The goal is to advance through all these perils with your bike, get past them all, and survive because when you die, the level is lost. We wish you good luck, you need it, and hope to see you around for some more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse, arrows, Z, spacebar keys.

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