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What is MLG? MLG MLG is probably the best io online game, which offers to you the chance to use the mouse in order to control the direction of crawling of your snake, to make sure that you'll give your best for collecting as much food as you can and also, to evolve so fast and reach the highest level as soon as possible. It's highly recommended for you to dodge the crashes onto the bigger and longer snakes so pay attention and make sure that you will not ever get in touch with them, because you risk to lose and waste important points and time for you. Also, you can click wherever on the game screen in order to make your snake get faster and faster so the faster he gets, the more chances you have to collect more food in the shortest time. Good luck and keep focusing on eating and killing another players, by crashing onto them but make sure that those players are smaller than you because otherwise you have no chance in this battle. Good luck for the last time and become a real legend in this special multiplayer online mission, where only the strong survive so be one of them. Once you've crashed onto a smaller player, his body turns in money which you must collect soon!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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