Cute Snake Io

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Cute Snake Io
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What is Cute Snake Io?

Cute Snake Io

Snake games in Io is not something you get to see very often, since this is not a format known for its multiplayer gaming aspect, but you should get yourselves ready precisely for that, and with a game that is also really cute, just as the title suggests, so now you have plenty of reasons to give it a try right away, and you won't regret it, we promise!

Grow a big and Cute Snake Io online!

As the image of the game suggests, you will control a snake with a cat's head, and with the mouse or finger you drag it across the grassy map, where you need to eat as many fruits as possible, so that you grow bigger in size, and when you are bigger than another cute animal snake moving around, you can bump into them to eliminate them.

This way, the biggest snake wins each fight, and we're sure that you are going to have a simply amazing time doing so, just like we did. Don't get eliminated by other players, but, if you do, just start again from scratch and work harder next time, we're sure you know how to do it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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