Black Hole WWII Io

Black Hole WWII Io

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Black Hole WWII Io
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Black Hole WWII Io Overview


Black Hole WWII Io is a new Hole game online that you can play on computers and mobile devices alike, it is a multiplayer experience where you connect and compete against people from all across the globe, and, even more special, it is a game that is set during the time of World War II, where you're trying to suck in everything in the battlefield, something we will now explain to you how to do!

Let's try Black Hole WWII Io and be the most skilled player in the room!

Before the time of each given round runs out completely, each player tries to swallow up with their hole more of the terrain than the others, as the biggest hole wins.

Use the mouse or touch controls to drag your hole around the battlefield, where you eat light posts, medical tents, trucks, tanks, houses, and even soldiers, going from small items to big items.

The bigger you grow, the bigger items you can suck into your hole, such as airplanes or entire military bases, and you should watch out if another player's hole is gunning for you, so it does not eat you up as well.

It's that simple, so begin right now, try beating records, and stick around all day long, since many more awesome gaming surprises are going to arrive, only for you, all for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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