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We now invite you all into the fantasy world of online, one of the best new io multiplayer games from our website, a game that is also an action-adventure game with platform elements, one that you will be joined by people from all across the world, giving you a time like no other!

Let's start our adventure in online!

Choose your username, and then start as an invisible skin, only as a ray of light, using WAD to move and jump, space to dash, and Q or the left mouse button to attack.

Go through the realms in platforms, where you have to avoid monsters and enemies, while also being careful not to hit them directly because losing your life means losing the game.

Instead, attack and defeat them, while you collect points, and use them to buy swords, skins, upgrades, and make yourself better suited to handle the realms.

The leaderboard shows which player is doing the best, and who is doing the worst, so we hope you're as close to the top of it as possible, but that can only happen if you never stop adventuring! So, start off right now, and see for yourselves how much fun there is to be had right now!

How to play?

Use WAD, space, and the mouse/Q.

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