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What is is a new game where you have to knock your opponents out using your spinning blade! To win the game you must collide with the other blades to try and knock them out of the ring! You have to be careful though as you can also be knocked out and if that happens you will fail the level. Each kill you make will also be announced, if you manage to get a combo kill, it will also be announced, the more you manage to kill the higher your combo, the announcements range from just 1 kill to legendary where you kill more than 5 opponents.

You can also earn resurrection coins in the game, which will allow you to respawn if you get knocked out. The more opponents you knock out, the bigger your blade will become and if you manage to collide a lot with the other blades, you will also get a boost, this boost allows you to know enemies further, this helps you knock them out more easily. Each level you manage to complete will fill the chest bar, once it's filled, you can open it to get a free skin! There are many skins in the game for you to try!

There are also leagues in the game, you start in the first league and you can advance further if you manage to win levels. With each level you win you will get a star, if you get enough stars you will advance to the next league! Are you ready to be the spinning blades champion? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to control the blade.

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