Uphill Rush 12

Uphill Rush 12

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Uphill Rush 12
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Uphill Rush 12 Overview


Uphill Rush 12 is a long-awaited game we are now glad to have the chance of sharing with everyone on our website since it belongs to a long-running series of driving, racing, and rushing games online, where any kind of vehicle is at the tip of your finger, and so is an endless amount of fun that you could have right at this moment!

Have an incredible time with Uphill Rush 12 online right now!

In the amusement park that will set the stage for you, there will be a total of twenty levels for you to drive and race through, using cars, bikes, motorcycles, even horses, surfboards, boats, and many more, and you can also customize your avatar, the driver of them.

You only can do that if you win funds from completing the courses with a really good time, and the same goes for buying better acceleration, speed, balance, or boost. Use the arrow keys for driving the vehicle, and give your best in performing as many stunts, jumps, and cool tricks, since they will earn you even more credits.

Let's begin right away, as there is nothing left to explain, and make sure you stick around since we have even more promising content to share with you right now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.


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