Uphill Rush 11

Uphill Rush 11

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Uphill Rush 11
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Uphill Rush 11 Overview


Uphill Rush 11 is here, the latest installment in one of the longest-running series of original games for browsers, which made its debut in the days of flash, but this latest contribution, as well as the few others before it, are HTML5 and mobile-friendly all at the same time, making the experience of such a game even better than before!

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The setting of this new game is on a luxury yacht, a very big one divided into twenty locations, each representing a different stage or level, and depending on what area of this boat you are in, you will have to ride one type of vehicle or another, such as ski jets, motorbikes, normal bicycles, cars, karts, or many others!

You can even ride animals and floaties, and you can customize your rider as well as vehicle in the main menu, both in looks and stats, using the funds you earn through the game. Simply use the arrow keys to control your vehicle of choice and give your best to clear all the levels of the game.

The very best we're wishing you all, after which we hope to see you check out more games in this series, especially if this is your first one!

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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