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What are Horse Games?

Playing Horse Games is the best and only real alternative you have to ride a horse without actually doing it because you might be scared, too young, or maybe there aren't any horse farms or stables anywhere close to you. Our administrative team knows that horses are among the most beloved animals by kids and adults alike, since man and horse have been linked through history for a long time since some of our earliest ancestors have tamed horses and learned how to ride them, and through the course of humanity we have ridden them for travel, battle, and lately even for therapy.

Play horse games online and ride towards happiness!

Horse riding games are the primary format we recommend for this category, where you can learn the basics of hopping on the animal, moving slowly with it at gallop, and as you get better at these activities through horse simulator games, we definitely recommend something more exciting, such as jumping with the horse, doing it so on tracks with various obstacles, or playing horse racing games and try to be faster than the other jockeys.

If you want something more casual that also invites you deeper into the world of horse breeding, try our horse farm games, where you visit the stables and keep them clean and proper, make sure that everything is tidy for both the riders and the horses, and we definitely recommend playing horse caring games where you make sure they are fed, showered, groomed, and always happy!

Don't hesitate to see what their little cousins, the ponies, are doing, who are smaller horsies which kids mainly interact with, with some of them having a worldwide reputation and one of the most popular toy lines in history, and other famous horse characters that you can now also play here with that we have to mention is Spirit, together with its horse and human friends.

Whether they are fictional or real-like horses, small or big, black, white, brown, or mixed, girls or boys, horses are maybe human's next best friend after dogs, and these virtual ones that you can play with free of charge are just as lovable as the real ones, so get yourself ready to ride, have fun, and see the world from a new vantage point!