Horse Games

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What are Horse Games?

Do you like horses? Play the best Horse Games online for free to learn how to take care of a horse, learn to ride, and even participate in horse races.

The multitude of horse games

Among the most famous horse games are those published by Spirit Riding, in which you can participate in horse races. Learn how to train a horse and make it obey you in your missions.

Take care of animals: one of the activities you will learn in these games will be to learn how to take care of animals. In the game Me and My Donkey, you must use the care tools dedicated to the animals to clean their hair, cut their hooves, shoe their feet, and even feed them.

Horse racing is an international sport. In Horse 3D Racing, you can participate in a 3D horse race in which you must gallop to finish the race in first place.

For those who love ponies, we advise them to look at the category dedicated to games with ponies or even My Little Pony.

Choose your favorite horse and start the game!