Spirit Untamed: Wild Rider

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What is Spirit Untamed: Wild Rider?

Spirit Untamed: Wild Rider

Spirit Untamed is the name of the newest full-length animated feature film in the Spirit franchise, which started off as an animated movie back in the day, and has become more popular to present-day kids thanks to Spirit Riding Free, an animated show airing on Netflix all over the world, with this new movie being based around that series, and features a brand new story, new animation with the budget of a proper movie, and now we've got Spirit Untamed Games to play as well, with the first such game being Wild Rider!

Ride with Spirit through the untamed wilderness!

Lucky is the girl riding on Spirit, and she has been separated from her friends, so you will take control of this horse and try to reunite the three friends, as you move through the desert.

You will have the horse galloping ahead by itself, so when you find pits in your path, but also trees and other obstacles, make sure to jump over them by tapping the mouse, or double-tapping if you need to make a double jump.

Try reaching the end of each course without bumping into the obstacles too much, or falling into the pits, and try to reach your destination fast, because you are timed.

It's all that simple and fun, so we hope that nothing holds you back from starting this amazing game right now, and having fun as only here is possible to do it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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