Blonde Sofia Equestrian

Blonde Sofia Equestrian

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Blonde Sofia Equestrian
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Blonde Sofia Equestrian Overview


Blonde Sofia Equestrian is the newest game for girls from our website, an amazing addition where you get the chance to take care of a horse, as well as her new rider, Sofia, who found the horse in the wild, dirty and hurt, so you're here to play the role of caretaker to the animal, heal it, style it up, and help it make a powerful bond with her new rider!

Help Blonde Sofia become an Equestrian!

Start off by cleaning up the horse, as you need to remove the dirt from it, swat away the flies, wash it up with water and soap, dry it up, and then brush and cut its hair, trimming it down in a neat way. Continue by applying medicine to its wounds, and when done with the body, turn to the feet, as you need to mend the hoofs and its horseshoes, cleaning them up and healing any injuries there as well, so the animal can start riding again.

For all these, follow the on-screen instructions you receive by the game, doing one procedure after another, as simple as that!

Next up, the horse will be going to competitions, so you will dress it up, having a wardrobe of clothes and accessories made especially for it, so that you can finally dress up Blonde Sofia as well, using the clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and accessories made for horse-riding given in her new wardrobe.

Let's begin this amazing experience now, only here, and invite your friends to try it out too, they are not going to regret it for anything in the world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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