Blonde Sofia: E-Girl Makeover

Blonde Sofia: E-Girl Makeover

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Blonde Sofia: E-Girl Makeover
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Blonde Sofia: E-Girl Makeover Overview


Blonde Sofia has to go on the stream tonight, playing the role of an E-Girl, which is why you are going to give her a makeover in that style, and we're absolutely positive that you are going to have an incredible amount of fun doing it all, just like it had been the case for us as well!

Give Blonde Sofia an E-Girl Makeover right now!

Starting off you will need to do a facial treatment and skincare routine for the girl, as her skin is not in the best condition, so you will treat any bumps and bruises, and add the essential creams and products to her face so that she literally shines. Only after that do you do her makeup using brushes, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, eye-shadow, contacts, and even more things.

Continue them by dressing her up, using the many clothes in this popular internet style, as well as accessories and hairstyles, and finally take some really cool snapshots of her, and set up her room so that she is ready to go on the stream.

It is all as easy as it sounds, so begin right now, only here, and don't stop at this game either, since we always have more awesome games to share with you, today included!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Y8 Studio

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