Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements

Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements

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Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements
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Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements Overview


Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements is a 2-player cooperative strategy game. Each level has an interesting puzzle that you have to solve. Coordination and strategic thinking are skills needed to complete all Fireboy and Watergirl 5 levels.

Fireboy, Watergirl, and the 7 temples

Pick your favorite character, and let's start the game. But first, pick your best friend or a family member - is easier in 2! Each temple has at least 8 levels. At the same time, each temple has new and unique mechanics, benefiting one of the characters. In the fifth platformer game in local multiplayer, you will have to go through seven different temples and worlds:

  • Forest
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Crystal
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Water

When you need help, call a friend!

Being a co-op game, you must work with your friend to complete each level. Find a solution together, and get down to business. Collect all the diamonds and run to the doors to get out as quickly as possible. Once again, don't forget that you need to collaborate, not play one against the other. Play Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements, and discover the levels in which Watergirl or Fireboy will take the lead. 

Remember not to mix water with fire, and more importantly - stay away from green or black liquid. Use the fans to reach hard-to-reach places. The portals will help you teleport to another part of the platform. Move boxes, collect diamonds, open gates, run and jump through portals - all in one game.

How to play?

Use the A, S, W, D and ARROW keys to play.

Tips & Tricks

  • In Fire Temple, rely more on Fireboy 
  • In Water Temple, rely more on Watergirl


How can I play Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements by myself?
It is pretty difficult, but you will have to play with Fireboy and Watergirl in turn.
What can I do if I can't see big enough in Fireboy & Watergirl: Elements?
On the desktop, you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out.

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