Harness Racing

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What is Harness Racing?

Harness Racing

Harness Racing has been added to our website right now because it has been some time since the last time we brought you horse racing games online, especially of this high quality, with us inviting you to check it out on either computers or mobile devices since you will still have plenty of fun no matter the device!

Let's start Harness Racing online!

In this game, you have to pick one of the horses that are racing in the course, and you bet on them the sum of money you want, and after that, the race is going to be simulated, with you getting more or less money depending on how well your horse has placed.

Continue them by choosing another horse, or the same, it is your pick but always try to get more money than you lose, just like in real-life betting. We wish you the best, as per usual, and we hope to see you check out racing games with horses where you actually do the handling of the animals, of which we have plenty! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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