Horse Racing Derby Quest

Horse Racing Derby Quest

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Horse Racing Derby Quest
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Horse Racing Derby Quest Overview


After seeing how much love all our previous horse games online have received by the boys and girls playing them, we knew that we had to keep bringing them forward, when new and awesome ones appear out there, of course, which is the reason why right at this moment you are invited to check out and have incredible fun with the game called Drift Boss!

Learn how to become the best horse jockey at the derby!

In this game you will do derby races where you go either just by yourself, trying to beat times every lap, or you will race against other horses and try to reach the finish line before them.

Either way, the method to race with your horse remains the same, and for it, you use the mouse. You will have a meter that has the colors blue, red, and green, with the green one being in the middle, and always smaller than the others.

Blue gives you speed, red does not, but the green spot gives you the most speed, so try tapping on the screen when the meter reaches it, to get the biggest boost possible.

The faster you finish courses, and the more races you win, you get more money in return, and with the money, you can buy new horses, make them faster, or buy better and more stylish gear for your jockey!

Start the horsing around fun right now, and make sure to tell your friends about these awesome games as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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