Horse Jumping Show 3D

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What is Horse Jumping Show 3D?

Horse Jumping Show 3D

Horse Jumping Show 3D is going to be one of the most interesting horse simulators games online in 3D, where you will ride these majestic animals with a very important goal, which is to jump around on the courses and put on a really awesome show, an experience you don't really get to have in real life, so trying it out is a must!

Let's put on the best Horse Jumping Show in 3D online!

In each level you will enter the showcase stadium, where you use WASD to control the movements of the horse, 1 through 3 to change speeds, space to make the jumps, and F to saddle or get down from the horse.

There you need to jump over the barriers put as obstacles without hitting them, because the more you hit them, the more stars you lose, and you can earn from one to three based on your performance.

As you keep doing great, you get to unlock new horses in the barn, as well as new skins to use for your rider too. It's all really fun, so let's begin now, only here, and we hope you are not stopping since we've always got some more surprises in store for everyone!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, F, 1-3, and the spacebar.

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