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What are Simulator Games?

We are glad to say that the best Simulator Games online on the internet have found a home here at Play-Games, where we make sure that this kind of format gets brought over here as often as possible, but we do make sure to curate this content so that only the best of the best, the cherry on the top, the finest content out there slips into the category, which is why we are confident that even if you were to pick a game from this page at random, with your eyes closed, you would still have the best time possible!

Have you ever dreamt of having a new life? Maybe a second life? Maybe you want to know how animals live or step into the shoes of drivers, farmers, doctors, warriors, and more kinds of people, some real, some fictional! Well, simulation games grant you that possibility, and over the years the genre has evolved continuously, with all sorts of new takes on it appearing, and we will now share with you some of the ones we love the most!

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Driving simulator games tend to be the ones you will find the most of, where instead of racing around or taking part in competitions, you have to just simply drive the vehicles on the free maps, where you can go wherever you want, or maybe you try to replicate the lives of bus drivers, train conductors, tractor drivers, boat captains, or maybe even airplane pilots, in the case of flight simulator games, which is another big genre on its own. On land, on the air, or on the water, maybe even in space, you can simulate driving a vehicle made for that medium, and we're sure you will enjoy it!

The second-most popular format we think is found on this page is that of simulator games with animals, where you can become tigers, pigs, pandas, wolves, or even fictional creatures such as dragons, or maybe ones that are not around no more but used to live on our planet, like dinosaurs. Live just like these animals, in their natural habitat, making sure they are fed, safe, and can live a long life!

We couldn't finish this article without mentioning life simulator games, where you might begin your life as an infant, and then live it out until old age, doing things not possible for you in real life, alternating your avatar's personality and appearance however you see fit and see the world in a whole new way thanks to the experiences you simulate inside of these games!

With our free simulation games online, kids and adults as well can live new lives, and experience new things, and their possibilities are and always will be endless, with new content arriving on this page very often, so make sure you check up on it as often as possible!