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Pet Cafe

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Pet Cafe
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Pet Cafe Overview


The Pet Cafe online you are about to run is one of the best concepts of hangout places where you can make money that has come up in real life as well for the past few years, so we're absolutely sure that you are going to have a great time with this simulation where you get to run precisely that kind of establishment, something we will now teach you how it is done!

Let's make the most popular Pet Cafe online in town!

Use WASD, the mouse, or the touch controls to move your manager avatar around the cafe, where you have to purchase a pet, to begin with, having cute cats and dogs available, and then buy one seat, at which people, customers, will come in, play with your pet.

When they are done, they come over to the counter, where you take their money. Use it then to expand even more, adding more pets, as you will get more people coming through the door, as well as new seats on which they can stay and do their pet activities.

Try expanding until you have unlocked all the possible features of the Pet Cafe, get a wave of customers day after day, and even hire workers to help you. It is all about how well you manage it, and how dedicated you are, which we are sure will be skills that will pass on into your daily life as well!

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.

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