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What are Pet Games?

Probably the greatest joy of a child is to have a pet to play with, to take care of him, to feed him, to clean him, and at the same time to take him to a veterinarian if he is ill. Well, in the specially created category, pet games, we will try to publish games with all kinds of pets from the most famous animals to the strangest.
Thank's why here you will be able to find the following pets:
cats, dogs, parrots, monkeys, giraffes, fishes, rabbits, owls, baby dinosaur, fox, and others.

What kind of activity do you have in these pet games?

First, you will be able to choose which pet you want, then, depending on what needs have each animal, you will have to: We hope that you will be able to find your perfect pet game which you will have to finish with a high score. Try to learn some stuff from these pet games, because all these activities are specially created to help you.