Valera Jelly Bear 2

Valera Jelly Bear 2

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Valera Jelly Bear 2
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Valera Jelly Bear 2 Overview


Valera Jelly Bear 2 is a cute arcade game online where this pet is currently on vacation, but it is one holiday that he invites you to join the fun of together with him, because at the tropical beach where he is you are going to play together a few mini-games to pass the time, so there is something for everyone here, hence why we really wanted to share this game with everyone in the first place!

Let's go on vacation in Valera Jelly Bear 2 online!

To keep the bear's happiness meter up, you need to play with him, and your options are:

  • Doodle: a platform jumping game where you use the mouse to go from one platform to another as high as possible while collecting treats for him
  • Ball: a kick-up game where you keep clicking on the ball to keep it in the air for as big of a streak as possible
  • Flappy: tap to keep the bear high in the air and go between the candy on the top and bottom of the screen, because if you hit them or drop-down, you lose.
  • Football: you play a game of soccer on the board, moving your two bears using the mouse, in turns, as this has a 2-player option, with the player that scores more becoming the winner, obviously.
  • Memory: tap on two cards to flip them around, and when they match and are identical, they get removed, something you have to do for all the pairs.
  • Racing: this also works in two players, each with their own steering wheels that they use to control the boats on the water and try to cross the finish line first.

With the credits you have earned from playing the mini-games, feed the bear, shower it to keep it clean, put it to sleep for rest, and you can even dress it up for a new day of fun.

It's all that simple, very diverse, and a ton of fun to be had if you choose to hit play on this game, so we hope to see you that right now, you won't regret it for anything!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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