Jelly Battle

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Jelly Battle
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What is Jelly Battle?

Jelly Battle

Jelly Battle is a game that combines together elements from games with other genres such as a clicker, fighting, evolution, caring, and more, resulting in an experience that the entirety of our team has already enjoyed from start to finish, hence why we're now sharing the game with you, so you can have just as much of a good time yourselves!

Let's win the Jelly Battle online!

You begin with a basic green blob, whose name is that, but you can modify it if you want it to be called something else. When your blob has requested, make sure to fulfill them, such as playing, feeding, sleeping, washing, and more, and for each of them, you follow the instructions given per each request.

You are doing all of this in order to evolve the blob to a bigger size and a bigger strength, but also to win the battles against blobs of other colors, controlled by the computer. This means making sure that their health and energy bars are always up through caring for them, or else they are not going to win.

As you play and win games and fights, even more resources are granted for you to evolve your blob into something really amazing. Start off right now, and make sure to come back as often as possible to take care of it and continue your adventures, there is always something new to do!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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