BowMaster Tower Attack

BowMaster Tower Attack

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BowMaster Tower Attack
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BowMaster Tower Attack Overview


Once again you're invited to become a BowMaster, this time to use your archery skills in surviving the Tower Attack, since demons, skeletons, and rival armies are trying to take over your castle, and you cannot let that happen, can you?

Help the BowMaster in the Tower Attack!

Of course, you sit in a tower with your archer character, as you would need the high ground to better take on the enemies, and you will use the mouse to aim and shoot your arrows at the various waves of attackers coming toward you. If you let them pass and they destroy your tower and deplete your health bar, you lose, so do not let it happen for anything in the world!

If you finish a level by defeating a wave, you can use the points you've earned to buy upgrades and more powerful weapons to use on the next wave and to use any special move you simply click on it in the list on the bottom right corner. No matter how powerful the waves become, always give your best to overcome them and show why you are called the master of the bow and arrow!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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