Cursed Treasure Defense

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What is Cursed Treasure Defense?

Cursed Treasure Defense

Cursed Treasure Defense is the newest TD game online that our team is delighted to share with you all on our website right now, as we would hate to not be able to bring you such games with a format that you already know and love very much, and from this following part of the article, you get more details on it, which is perfect in case you're a newcomer!

Let's put up the best Cursed Treasure Defense online!

While it is true that the treasure you have is a cursed one, that does not mean it is not desired by many, which is why waves of thieves and enemies will approach it and try taking over it, which you have to stop by placing defensive towers and casting spells on them to defeat them.

Use the mouse to place the towers along the roads where you think they fit and it would make for a great strategy, and always use the coins you earn from defeating the enemies with them to buy more towers, and cast more spells because the waves of enemies also become stronger. Enjoy!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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