Club Penguin: System Defender

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Club Penguin: System Defender
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What is Club Penguin: System Defender?

Club Penguin: System Defender

System Defender is a brand new Club Penguin game online, a category upon which we are now going to improve quite a lot, as we know very well how much popularity this platform had back in the day when it was still active, and we are now bringing them all back, both for the older fans and for the ones who will now discover all this awesomeness!

Become the System Defender of Club Penguin!

The game is a tower defense one where the system needs to be defended by bots that are attacking it, so you are going to need to prevent them from reaching too deep inside because if that happens, you lose.

To prevent that from happening you use the mouse to place cannons along the roads of the system so that they shoot at the robots when they come near.

Depending on how good a cannon is, you can shoot the enemies better, but the ones that are better are also more expensive, so make sure that you use the money you earn in return for defeating bots to upgrade the cannons.

Each new wave gets bigger and stronger than the one before it, but we are sure that you will also improve and become better at protection and strategy. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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