Tower Defense Games

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What are Tower Defense Games?

Tower Defense games are a subcategory of strategy games whose primary mission is to build your best defense to survive all the attacks you receive.

For starters, you'll need to know that Tower Defense games will start, so the first wave of attackers will be the easiest to fight, after which the subsequent attacks will be more complex and more challenging, and you'll have to use energy and your strategy for fighting them. With the pennies you have right from the start, you will have to plant a few soldiers on the route you consider the best so that you can fight the attacks of evil forces, after which, depending on how many points they managed to gather in each fight, you will have to upgrade your defenses and buy new objects and shields to defend your base.

The war will continue day after day, and you will have to notice the key points in the game. Together with the generals of the game, you will have to build tanks, soldiers, turrets, bombs, or even rocket launchers to withstand the attacks in the game. Most Tower Defense games are inspired by the past, the history of wars, when soldiers, catapults, and cavalry were the most powerful weapons of the time.
Nowadays, Tower Defense games have evolved, and this time, you can build an army of tanks to defend your base, an army of spaceships, rockets, monsters, robots, balloons, and many more. Others.

The most popular games of this type are Plans vs. Zombies, Bloons Tower Defense, and Kingdom Defense, but we will try to add the latest games in this category and also take your suggestions into account.

How can you win a Tower Defense game?

To win Tower Defense games, you must find a balanced combination of buying new machines or soldiers to defend your base and upgrading the soldiers or machines you have.
Another fundamental expectation is to use special attacks (those that destroy en masse) only when you are under siege and can no longer resist.
In addition to these two expectations, you must know that a vital role in this war is knowing exactly how to position the forces that will defend you. For example, when you manage to put a soldier in a curve, he will manage to increase the time in which he will shoot the enemies, which is the reason we guide you to start positioning the defense objects precisely in these places.

How can you make more money in Tower Defense games?

To increase your budget in the game, you will have to pay attention to the objects that you can build precisely for this purpose; for example, in many games, you will be able to make an oil pump or peasants to dig for gold, silver, ores that are valuable and that will round out your daily budget.