Tower Crush

Tower Crush

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Tower Crush
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Tower Crush Overview

Tower Crush is a new tower defense game in which you must shoot the enemy tower down and defend your tower from the enemy's attacks. There are multiple floors to your tower that you need to use to shoot the enemy's tower down.

Some floors have a cannon on them that shoots cannonballs toward the enemy. Other floors have guns on them that shoot the enemy. You need to destroy all of the enemy's floors to finish the level. Once you are done with the level it will be time to upgrade your tower.

There are several upgrades that you can use to make your tower much better like adding more floors, upgrading the floors, etc. Once you've built a floor, you can add a gun to it for coins. The guns can be upgraded using these coins to make them much better and stronger. You can upgrade the floors to make them more resistant to attacks.

There are lots of guns that you can use for your tower. Each gun costs increasingly more but they also get better the more expensive the weapon is. Apart from upgrades, some power-ups can be upgraded and used. The power-ups give you a temporary power or boost to one of your stats to help you gain an advantage against the enemy. These power-ups can give you health, can freeze one of the enemy's floors, can damage the enemy's tower, and a lot more.

You may also choose a character, these characters have their ups and downs so choose the one you like playing the most!

Time to crush the enemy's tower!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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