Bloons Tower Defense 1

Bloons Tower Defense 1

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Bloons Tower Defense 1
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Bloons Tower Defense 1 Overview


The best Bloons Tower Defense games online on the internet are now being made available free of charge on our website, and the one you can see right on this page is the first one, the game that originated quite a big franchise and series that has spawned many sequels and spin-offs, and as soon as you start playing it you will recognize its charm!

Find the best tower defense against the flying balloons!

You will have a route on which balloons will go in order to fly away and escape, and your goal is to place defensive towers alongside the route, which will automatically fire at them, and if you can pop all the balloons before they can fly away and escape, you've cleared the level.

Of course, each level has more balloons to defend from, they become peskier as well, so you should use what you earn from completing previous levels to buy better towers with more powerful weapons. Use the mouse to place said towers, and they come in various formats, and prices, such as:

  • Dart Tower (250)
  • Tack Tower (400)
  • Ice Tower (850)
  • Bomb Tower (900)
  • Super Monkey (4000)

If you can accumulate enough coins to summon the super monkey, its continuous stream of darts thrown at any oncoming balloons will terminate them in no time at all, but before reaching that point, you will have quite a lot to endure, and we're positive you will be able to find amazing strategies, having a lot of fun along the way!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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