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Duels Defense

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Duels Defense
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Duels Defense Overview


Duels Defense is the latest strategy, tower defense, and medieval fighting game online that we recommend each and every one of you play today on our website, It is a bit of a classic you might have thought has disappeared from the internet, but we now can show you that it's still up here, as you can always find the best games on our website!

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First, choose the class of character you want to be:

  • Mage, who can cast a fireball
  • Warrior, who can stomp on the ground to stun enemies
  • Assassin, who can damage bosses with ease
  • Druid, who can cast an ice attack that slows down enemies

After placing all the defensive towers and powers that you can use, given the funds you have available, hit the start button to let your enemies start their wave of attack, having to defeat them all without letting them complete the map and reach your base, or they destroy it and lose.

Each new wave of enemies is stronger and bigger than the last. We wish you the very best all the way through, and we hope to see you around for all the other great new games of the day still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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